Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sunday May 14, 2012 - A Trip Down To Goodwood

Sunday was a great opportunity to get out and do some flying again. With some cracking weather my friend and I went down to Goodwood in his Robin.

Leaving Headcorn we headed down to Hailsham and turned West. From here we flew at 3,000ft over Shoreham and over to Goodwood. It was a busy day as it was the first weekend of good weather for quite some time.
We joined Runway 24 crosswind and followed another Robin around the circuit for a nice smooth landing. A cup of tea and a chat later we then returned via the exact route. It was super to be up in the air again and it was my first time in the Robin. I liked the Robin especially what seemed like an elevated view from the seat (compared to the Cessna 152) and the visibility above through the glass canopy. Something not available in a high wing Cessna.

While it has been frustrating waiting for my QXC trips out like this remind me how fantastic it is to fly.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

12 May 2012 - A Break in the Rain

FINALLY!!!! We have a break in the rain!! Finally... Finally...Finally .... Talk about weather of biblical proportions! We've had so much rain, I was about to google "Arks for sale"!!!! 

Since my last post like most people wanting to fly I have very much "been down here wishing I was up there". This weekend looks ok though and the sun came out yesterday. I had two reservations for my Qualifying Cross Country flight booked this week but it obviously wasn't to be. The next two weeks looks impossible as I have other commitments to pursue.

Tomorrow.. weather permitting of course, I am in the right hand seat of my friends Robin 180. He has offered me a chance to at least get up in the air and do some cross country navigation. This is a great opportunity to get up in the air again and experience the joys of flying. Hopefully I can take some snaps as well.

If the weather is good though I think every man and his flying dog will be about so a very good lookout (as always) and situational awareness through listening to the RT is a must!