Monday, 3 March 2014

IMC Rating - Lesson 14 Limited Panel Revision Southend Runway 24

This Sunday I was back at Southend for some limited panel revision including a very exciting limited panel (no compass. no DI, no AI) SRA approach! This was excellent experience for both me and the ATC controller no doubt! Fair play to both of us really as it all came good and it worked out perfect in the end! Full credit to him! He was like "turn left NOW" ... "Stop turn NOW" we were snaking our way down that final approach like I don't know what. Every call from him required a call from me so we were totally hogging the airwaves.

So after all that fun Pete says I'm ready for my test so we shall see. I have this nagging doubt in my mind that I've not yet had an "off day". Silly to be worrying about this but I can't help it. I'm almost writing the script to fail. I've hit and kept on the glideslope and localiser every time.

 When I was doing my PPL there was a time when I had a blockage in my head about landing and it threw my confidence a bit. I've not had this crisis on the IMC. Its strange.

 I've got this feeling it might be because it's just like flying a simulator which I must have hundreds of hours experience now I don't know. Anyway come the PPL skills test my demons had been extinguished. Not so here and I fear they are lurking around in there somewhere.

Oh well. Whatever happens (no test scheduled yet as he has to phone round to see if somebody can do this on a Sunday) I think I would like to keep at Southend and the PA28 warrior. 

There was a moment on Sunday when it struck home  how lovely she is to fly. Also I feel more relaxed with the difference in ATC and so I think it will hold me in good stead visiting the larger aerodromes in the future. The facilities at Southend seem very good also.

Departure: 11:15 Arrival: 12:45
Total Time: 1:30 | IMC Rating: 1:10

Total Hours = 69:15 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] + 2:10 [PICUS]
Pure IMC: 14:15

Total Time = 92:25