Wednesday, 30 March 2016

24 March 2016: Completing IMC Renewal

Back to Southend on the 24th to complete my IMC renewal. Great way to start the long Easter weekend. Just headed out NW from R23 to do some compass turns and recovery from unusual attitude on partial/limited panel before heading back for a couple of bad weather circuits. 

Its been so great to be back at Southend Airport. Since my last foray here it's all changed to Class D controlled airspace but the ATC are really helpful and accommodating. On top of this you can get some great coaching from Southend Flying Club and take advantage of the all year round super facilities for IMC training. 

24.03.2016 - Brakes off 10:10(Z) Brakes On 11:00 (Z) Total: 0:50 IMC (0:30Total Time 149:15

20 March 2016 - IMC Refresher: DME Arcs and Holding Patterns

Really great session over at Southend on the 20th. VOR tracked after departing runway 05 NE up to Clacton and performed a 180 degree 7 NM clockwise DME arc, continuing NE the other side of the beacon for a few miles (until 10 DME) before instigating a 45/180 degree procedural turn to rejoin the reciprocal (SW) track back to the beacon. Once there, I did a 5 NM 180 degree DME arc clockwise. 

After leaving the beacon I was on track direct to Southend for a sector 1 parallel entry into the hold. Here I did 2 holds which went really well, probably I have to say helped by the wind perfectly aligned 050 degrees which is the inbound leg of the hold.

Note to self on joining the arc: lead-in to the arc itself after tracking NE was only 0.5 NM due to the headwind but 1.0 NM tracking back due to the tailwind.

Video enclosed but its of the cockpit instruments while in the hold so it wont mean much at all to anybody looking at it apart from me visualising going round the hold! I'm glad I've filmed my flights these last couple of years though as it really helps remembering them. Looking through a logbook doesn't have the same recall factor I'm afraid.

Anyway, loved this session. Everything worked out well but I also felt I gained good experience, particularly playing around in the hold at Southend (who I have to say are so good with us little GA folk).

20.03.2016 - Brakes off 09:50(Z) Brakes On 11:10 (Z) Total: 1:20 IMC (1:10Total Time 148:25

Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016 IMC Refresher Training

Two refresher sessions recently, both at Southend Airport. First a GPS approach into Lydd on 28/02 and then today (13/03) a cross country IMC route.

Todays sortie was out from Southend to intercept 180 TO DET then 110 out FROM DET for 13 miles then right turn 190 TO LYD. 7 miles from LYD right turn 260 TO MAY and then 13 miles from MAY right turn 320 TO BIG. Got up to 7.4 DME from BIG and did a right turn 050 to run the DME arc. We were not allowed to do an ILS so came back to Southend. 1 hour 25 minutes flying with the vast majority flying IMC. A good mental workout! Session went well but I was very well prepared with the plan so it should have been ok to be honest,.

Elected to do some DME arcs next session and then maybe limited panel and a bad weather circuit after that. Have really enjoyed being back at Southend Flying Club for my IMC refresher training.

28.02.2016 - Brakes off 11:45(Z) Brakes On 13:10 (Z) Total: 1:25 IMC (1:15) Total Time 145:40

13.03.2016 - Brakes off 12:45(Z) Brakes On 14:10 (Z) Total: 1:25 IMC (1:15) Total Time 147:05