Sunday, 16 October 2016

15 October 2016 - Shots of the Swale and 6 November 2016 Sloppy Crosswind Landing

Hadn't flown for 3 weeks so needed to get up and blow the cobwebs off. I did plot a nav exercise for myself through some little airfields but the visibility wasn't great so stuck local and just took some shots of the Swale instead. Very calm conditions.

15.10.2016 - Brakes off 08:05(Z) Brakes On 08:45(Z) Total: 0:40

Total Time 162:10

From November 6th 2016 a local flight and sloppy cross wind landing...

Local flight down to Canterbury and Folkestone. An uneventful Sunday bimble, or so I thought. This clip is the landing on runway 34 in a mild crosswind (290/10 Kts). After a little float,  I left the right rudder a bit too late (and perhaps should have kept the left aileron up as well). I got away with it but a reminder none the less to keep it much tighter next time! I should have done  better.

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