Sunday, 9 August 2015

9 August 2015 - Pam goes flying

Beautiful start to the day so I took the opportunity to grab half an hour and take my mum flying. It was the first time for her in a light aircraft but she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Short video enclosed below. Great flying conditions!

09.08.2015 - Brakes off 08:35(Z) Brakes On 09:05 (Z) Total: 0:30
Total Time 139:05

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

2 August 2015 - Lazy Sunday Morning Flight

I didn't have plans this weekend to fly but Sunday morning was forecast to be so lovely I couldn't resist. So, late Saturday afternoon I called the flying club to see if anything was available. Matt told me G-BNKV was having a new starter motor installed and if all went well would be available first thing. 

Sure enough all turned out well and I had my plane for the first slot in the morning. I only wanted to get up flying so was happy for 50 Mins in the local area which is what I did in the end.

I spoke to Clive, my aerobatic instructor during the week and he was on the case to sort out some aeros possibly at Headcorn. If it went this way, this would enable me to complete the EASA course I had started. He had been rather busy of late sourcing a new C152 for the club, so I said I would check back in a couple of weeks.

02.08.2015 - Brakes off 07:55(Z) Brakes On 08:45 (Z) Total: 0:50
Total Time 138:35