Saturday, 24 October 2015

19 October 2015

What with moving house recently I've had very little free time so it was a relief to get an opportunity for a brief flight to keep my currency. I had been trying for several days but the weather was scuppering me every time. As it turned out it was not a particularly nice day with lots of low cloud around however towards the end of the day the cloud was high enough so I popped up to Rochester Airport after reserving a C-152 (G-GDIA). By the time I got to fly after my checks it was quite gloomy and dark however I snuck in a flight just in time.

Note: I took my Garmin Virb+ Elite camera up with me but with the prop filter on it makes it prone to issues coping with low light and afterwards I noticed the film was so dark I couldn't make anything out. Disappointed, I didn't bother posting it to YouTube. I think placing it at the top of the cowling (like I normally do) would have made a slight improvement as I had it stuck to the passenger window this time. Lesson learned I suppose. I could always take the filter off as well and put up with the distorted prop image. We'll see.

Anyway - Runway was 02. All went well but not the best weather for flying. At least I'm current which was the main point of the exercise.

19.10.2015 - Brakes off 15:30(Z) Brakes On 16:00 (Z) Total: 0:30
Total Time 141:00

20 September 2015 - Maks Goes Flying

One of the biggest pleasures about having a Private Pilots License is you then have the great fortune and opportunity to make others peoples dreams come true by taking them flying. Last month I took a young lad flying, Maks. His family are good friends of ours and I knew he loved all things about aeroplanes. I had always promised him I would take him flying and he had been waiting patiently. 

The opportunity to fulfil my promise came with a break in the weather. It was a calm bright morning and I thought conditions would be perfect. Needless to say our trip was a lovely occasion and it really made him and his family happy. It was also a proud moment for me to be able to do this for friends. I've included here a little video of the occasion.

20.09.2015 - Brakes off 09:50(Z) Brakes On 10:35 (Z) Total: 0:45
Total Time 140:30