Friday, 16 November 2012

Cancelled Skills Test (Again)

Oh well, looks like today's PPL Skills Test is not going to happen. Bummer. This will be the 4th time. I'm not adverse to this kind of waiting of course as this year has been bad for the weather (at least for me). The first time I experienced such a run of bad luck was in the first half of the year which was like a monsoon. Then in Q3 after the Olympics I had several cancelled QXCs and now of course its the final Skills Test. Despite all this (I guess it's character building) starting to learn to fly has been great and I do not have one regret other than I wish I had the opportunity to start before I did. I guess that's life though.

As you can see from this extract from this mornings Met Office 215 Aviation low level weather chart, the murky dark horrible cloud base wins the battle for today's ownership of the skies. A yucky day for the weather.