Sunday, 22 February 2015

18 February 2015 - Local Flight (Rochester - Whitstable, Canterbury)

With one eye on the weekends poor weather I grabbed an opportunity to take half day holiday on Wednesday and go flying. The weather was cold but it was nice and sunny. The airfield at Rochester was open but it was mandating use of the relief runway (R20). 

The taxiways were the softest I've experienced but the runway itself was good enough. I took an opportunity to take a good friend of our family with me. A short video enclosed below. It was a lovely day for flying...

Brakes Off: 15:50 Brakes On: 16:50 Total 1:00
Total Hours: 124:50

Sunday, 8 February 2015

08 February 2015 - Southend to Southend (VFR Kent)

I had a C152 booked first thing this morning over at Southend Flying Club so I was over there about 9AM and raring to go. 

After a short delay (I had to wait for the fuel bowser to come over) I was on my way at 9:40. Visibility was quite poor to be honest, no doubt caused by the prolonged period of very high pressure we'd had so I cut short my planned trip and took a diversion along the Thanet Coast for a bit before heading back to Southend. It was good to be up flying again. Wind back on R06 was 340/14 Kts so a nice crosswind to end the day on.

Brakes Off: 09:40 Brakes On: 10:40 Total: 1:00
Total Hours: 123:50

Some snaps along the way...