Sunday, 6 October 2013

IMC Rating - Lesson 05

Sunday October 6, 2013

Today I was up at Rochester at 11:30 to carry on my training. Todays lesson was a continuation of yesterday with the addition of NDB/ADF tracking. This is the top track in the picture below. Basically we left Runway 20, turned left and picked up the 94 QDM radial TO Detling. From there I continued out 8.5 DME on the same radial and did a procedural turn right heading down 139 degrees for 1 minute. Then following this a left hand rate 1 turn back up on a heading of 319 degrees to pick up the 270 TO radial. Back at the Detling beacon I switched over to the ADF to track up to Rochester and their NDB. From there it was a question of tracking out (NW), looping back and tracking towards the NDB again. From there it was outbound east followed by another procedural turn and back again.

I have a week off now but look forward to the next phase. I think I have two more lessons in this subject area including being introduced to holding patterns before it gets really interesting. 

Brakes Off: 12:45 Brakes On: 13:50
Total Time: 1:05 | IMC Rating: 0:55

Total Hours = 57:25 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] + 2:10 [PICUS]
Total IMC Rating: 4:50

Total Time = 80:35

IMC Rating - Lesson 04

Saturday 5 October 2013

Lesson 4 was my first proper introduction into some VOR and NDB instrument flying. This was kept simple and the workload kept manageable. It was good in the sense that I now know some sample procedural turns and radial intercepts to practice on the simulator when I get time. It felt very satisfying and was another good exposure to the C172 which I am continuing to enjoy.

Brakes Off: 11:50 Brakes On: 13:00
Total Time: 1:10 | IMC Rating: 1:00

Total Hours = 56:20 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] + 2:10 [PICUS]
Total IMC Rating: 3:55

Total Time = 79:30