Sunday, 23 January 2011

Air Law Exam & CAA Class 2 Medical

No flying today due to the rubbish weather. Looking outside it's one of those depressing winter days... very cloudy, quite still, cold, very very damp. Basically miserable.

On a more positive note I did get two things achieved yesterday, one being the Air Law exam and the other was the CAA Class 2 Medical.

On the first one, its a 40 question multiple choice setup which you are given an hour to complete. I didn't read one question properly despite all the best advice you are given, and know yourself.... so that was dumb of me, and then waiting with time to finish (an hour is more than enough) I changed two correct answers to the wrong ones! In those cases I thought they were trick questions, and with time to spare convinced myself of that! Another dumb move as the only person tricking me was myself. Despite being irritated with myself I got 90% in the end which was still OK. Somebody joked that every point over 75% was a waste of effort anyway!

As for the Medical, that lasts just over an hour and covers various eye tests, ECG, a questionnaire, weight, height, ear inspections, chest breathing etc. The doctor who performed my medical was a top guy, a very experienced aviator and just generally speaking a really nice bloke. Apparently, most of the people who bomb out of the Class 1, would probably have bombed out of the Class 2. The main difference being the more in depth eye and ear tests on the Class 1 which is not the most common cause of issues. As I'm past the 40 mark the certificate is valid (fingers crossed - health permitting) for 2 years.

So these two things are done now which means I can legally fly solo when the time comes. I've booked up the next exam for Sunday Feb 13 (Human Factors and Flight Safety) and I've rebooked today's cancelled lesson for next weekend.

At least the days are getting longer now .. the sun WILL return!

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