Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Starting Off : Lessons 2 - 6

Since that very big smile and first flight I have had a further half a dozen lessons (*) and have throughly enjoyed the experience. Virtually all the flying is carried out over the Isles of Sheppey and Grain with towns such as Maidstone and Canterbury a stones throw away and the Kent coast line towns like Whitstable clearly visible.

In addition to the flying itself, all the staff at Skytrek are approachable and very friendly. The instructors skilled and professional and for me the place just has a great friendly atmosphere.

24 October 2010. A gloriously beautiful day for flying.

Papa X-Ray prior to inspection.

This is one of the three 152 Cessna's that Skytrek provide in their training fleet.

Wikipedia: Cessna 152

There isn't much room in a C-152!

As I add this post and in doing so bring this blog up-to-date, I am already excited at the prospect of getting up in the air on Sunday [January 9, 2010]. Fingers crossed. It's an unfortunate but obvious fact that winter restricts opportunities for people to fly and that's particularly true with the weather we have experienced so far this winter.

However, that said...I can't wait!

* More pictures are posted on the Gallery pages.

* My flying to this point is 6 lessons. These are detailed in the Logbook page.

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