Friday, 29 July 2011

Navigation Exam

Pleased to say I sat and passed my Nav exam yesterday with a score of 96%. Like the other exams I had put my share of study in so was well prepared. I have to say, the Q&A simplifier book is rather good for preparing you for it because it has 3 mock papers. The first section of the exam involves ploting a multi-leg course and answering questions based on that. Outside of the exam area doing the same exercise is interesting (for me at least) because you can program the wind factors into x-plane and then go fly the course!

So then, this leaves my Comms exam to 'complete' my PPL ground school so to speak (although of course with flying like other things, you never stop learning).

I had a lesson booked for first thing this morning but the weather was rubbish (see pictures). Visibility was about an arm length! I rebooked for tomorrow, although the wind is due north which could put a stop to circuit flying.

In talking with my instructor if circuits are off limit tomorrow then we can do some Practice Forced Landings.

Why would circuits be off limits? Well, this is because at Rochester Airport, Circuits are not permitted on Runway 02 on Fridays, Weekends and Bank Holidays. This is to appease the local residents (noise abatement).  

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