Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lesson 34: Solo Circuit Time Completed

I woke up to a clear bright sky and was excited that I might actually fly this weekend. However while eating breakfast mist had formed so I was actually nervous when I arrived at the airport. While I was parking I saw my instructor who was going out with another student and it looked like we were in business! While the visilibility was not great it was certainly good enough for circuits. I was assuming it would be dual circuits (with the instructor) and after the week I had experienced at work I thought this would be for the best. I hadn't flown for a while so I had the butterflys going anyway.

Anyway, my instructor said "lets get your solo circuits done today" which meant obviously going solo. OK more butterflies arrived, lets see how we go.
First three landings (two stage, flapless and two stage) were very good indeed and my instructor remarked "That was perfect.. you haven't forgot to land thats for sure!". He jumped out and I carried around for 6 circuits. Visibility was not good into the sun and on the last two approaches, I was getting so warm and sweaty in the sun that my glasses started to mist up.

Landings were good except for the last but one (which was meant to be the last one - typical!!) where I bounced abit. As I bounced I thought about throttling in gently to ease back onto the runway as I had done before in a previous lesson. The ground was very soft and slippery. However, it didnt feel right so on the second bounce I decided I was going round so throttled right in. The last landing was not as good as the early ones but it was straight! I have noticed that when my instructor is not in the right hand seat the directional control on landing feels different. It feels like it goes to the left easier, even with right rudder.

Anyway, it was a hard long lesson but it was an achievement because my 4 hours of solo circuit work has now been completed. Of course there is a lot to look forward to in terms of work ahead but none-the-less it is still a milestone so I'm very pleased.

Looking back at today, the general circuit work was fine, and I didnt feel overwhelmed like in the early days of learning with the instructor. It just goes to show how training and practice really makes a difference.

MotionX-GPS track enclosed.

Name:End Of Solo Circuits
Date:19 Nov 2011 10:36 am
(valid until May 17, 2012)
View on Map
Distance:84.4 nautical miles
Elapsed Time:1:37:33
Avg Speed:51.9 kts
Max Speed:120.9 kts
Avg Pace:01' 09" per nm
Min Altitude:399 ft
Max Altitude:1,414 ft
Start Time:2011-11-19T10:36:04Z
Start Location:
Latitude:51.347679º N
Longitude:0.503782º E
End Location:
Latitude:51.348083º N
Longitude:0.504095º E

logbook entry
34.19-11-11 C152 G-CEPX EGTO EGTO 10:50 11:20 0:30 3-3 EX12/13
34.19-11-11 C152 G-CEPX EGTO EGTO 11:20 12:15 0:55 2-2 EX12/13 SELF

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