Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lesson 40: More Cross Country Navigation

Jan 15th 2012 and I was doing another navigation exercise. This time it was SSE down to Heathfield before turning east to head over to Lydd and then onto Ashford. The flight passed without incident until I got back to Rochester where I should have gone around when I found myself following somebody on final approach. I had not found myself in this situation before and was not sure of the best course of action. I was concerned that if I went to pass on the right hand side by going around, if he did the same then that would not be good. In the end I tried to keep my distance and did a "land after". This I now know is not the best course of action and so next time I will take a different option, and go around. You learn by your mistakes.I think I should have been more diligent in general when entering the circuit and tracked better the person going downwind who seemed to go long and come back very high. This would have avoided the situation where it got congested on base/final. 

The only other thing to say was the visibility generally around the south coast was not very good, especially true when heading East into the sun. 

The next step after this is a trip down the Goodwood with my instructor. This is in preparation for the Qualifying Cross Country trip which apparently is to include this airfield.

 40. 15/01/12 C152 G-CEFM EGTO EGTO 09:30 10:40 1:10 1-1 EX18A/C


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