Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lesson 51 & 52 Refresher Basic Handling

Well, the weather has been absolutely dreadful for so long now it has made flying a rare event. Rochester airfield with its grass runways has suffered considerably and I have heard of aircraft relocating themselves elsewhere for the winter. It has been quite disheartening really. 

That said, I have managed to squeeze in two refresher lessons this year. The first one was on the second of January and was with Mike my normal instructor. This was a lesson to keep my hand in. To some extent this was the purpose of todays session. I went out with Stuart today as Mike was away on holiday and we went over to the Isle of Sheppey and did some basic handling.The visibility was not very good but we managed to get through:

1) Steep Turns (2 to the right, 2 to the left)
2) Stalling (20 minutes)
3) 3 PFLs

The last PFL was to land on R16 which is an unusual runway for Rochester. It went ok in the end. I extended out a little too far crosswind but managed to rectify the situation in a reasonably good approach and landing.

Everything else went well. I am clearly a little rusty and I need to be more positive when making the drills. Real positive head movements on the lookouts for the steep turns is also needed, making sure I look at the direction I'm turning into last on my lookout drill. To help with this I will make sure my shoulder restraints are not so tight.

Right then, upon reflection I would sum up that today felt great, it is such a wonderful experience flying an aircraft. While cold, the sun was out and it felt like last winter (which was ok I thought) and almost like spring was around the corner.

.... This means it will probably be that we are all about to suffer the wettest/snowiest/windiest/apocalyptic Feb-Mar-April on record!

Oh I need to sort out my medical as my certificate has expired. I should book an appointment this week and get this out the way!

51. 02/01/13 C152 G-BNKV EGTO EGTO 12:35 13:35 1:00 EX 16, 19, 10B
52. 17/02/13 C152 G-CEPX EGTO EGTO 13:30 14:25 0:55 EX 15, 16 10B (20 Mins)
HOURS = 44:05 DUAL + 13:10 SOLO

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