Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lesson 53 Refresher Circuits - Saturday, April 6, 2013

The weather had been absolutely dire for the last 4 weeks and so after many cancelled sessions and even a skills test I finally had the opportunity to do 40 minutes of circuits. The session went well which was just as well as I had my skills test booked for the day after (Sunday April 7, 2013).

I went up with Mike (my usual instructor) for a critique and was on runway 02 which was quite unusual. It had been some time since I had used that and I had forgot how the sink hit you coming up to the high ground on the final approach.

Anyway, like I said it went well enough and I was set for the following day, my skills test. The weather was set to be good. 

53. 06/04/13 C152 G-BNKV EGTO EGTO 10:20 11:00 0:40 EX12/13(FL/FF) PFL

HOURS = 45:50 DUAL + 13:10 SOLO

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