Sunday, 29 September 2013

IMC Rating - Lesson 02

My alarm was set for 06:45 Saturday morning (28/09/2013) and I was up at the airport within the hour ready to commence my checks on G-CMBR. My second lesson was to be based still on the foundation of instrument flying which meant we headed out to the east of Kent to do some more limited panel work and some recovery from unusual attitudes.

I thought it was kind of challenging to be honest, but Mike my instructor commented it went well so I was happy. Coming back we were on Runway 02 and I became visual around 300 foot (basically I was told I could take the Foggles off!) and so the landing felt to me a bit rushed but, in the end, seemed satisfactory.

I'm really enjoying the task of just flying on the instruments and look forward to progressing to some pretty challenging times ahead.

Brakes On: 09:45 Brakes Off: 09:55
Total Time: 1:10 | IMC Rating: 1:00

Total Hours = 54:10 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] + 2:10 [PICUS]
Total IMC Rating: 1:55

Total Time = 77:20

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