Saturday, 30 November 2013

IMC Rating - Lesson 07

Today it was time to cover off VOR HOLDS which meant replicating the Guernsey (Left Hand) Hold over Detling. It was good experience although the wind was for me very brisk from the north requiring a 30 degree Wind Correction Angle. This meant tracking at 60 Degrees inbound not 90 Degrees inbound and then outbound at 300 Degrees not 270 Degrees. 

The other thing which was cool about today was we was actually in cloud not below cloud. This meant that I didn't need to use the foggles. Like I say good experience.

It felt really good today. I seemed to have good situational awareness and the aircraft didn't seem to be ahead of me (perhaps) as a result of this. One thing though was the idle speed on my C-172 chariot was 900rpm so the landing required two landings on my (least) favourite runway 34. I logged this in the tech log for the next pilot to think about.

So then ...

Brakes Off: 10:55 Brakes On: 11:50
Total Time: 0:55 | IMC Rating: 0:45

Total Hours = 59:25 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] + 2:10 [PICUS]
Total IMC Rating: 6:25

Total Time = 82:35

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