Sunday, 13 July 2014

29 June, 2014 - Pottering Around Sittingbourne, Leyesdown, Whitstable

I was off on holiday on the 30th so I wanted to get up just for a potter around before I went. The opportunity came on Sunday 29th June. Weather wasn't good first thing in the morning (well it was marginal really) so I stayed around long enough for it to clear a bit before heading out. It was nothing adventurous but enough of a fix for me with my holiday around the corner.

I set the VIRB Elite camera up for its third outing. I read somewhere I can buy a lens to remove the prop flicker so when I get time I'll take a look at that. 

Brakes Off: 09:20(Z) Brakes On: 10:25(Z) Total: 1:05

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