Sunday, 7 December 2014

29 November 2014 - Night Qualification. Lesson 1: Circuits

Last Saturday night I was over at Southend (EGMC) to start a night qualification with Southend Flying Club. I had intended to start the week before, but it was cancelled literally at the last minute when fog rolled in and covered the airfield. Before the briefing ... clear as a bell, after the briefing ... a pea souper!

So my first session was nearly an hour doing 5 Touch and Gos on Runway 06. It took a while to get my visual bearings in the circuit as its not my home airfield but to be fair Southend is lit up like the proverbial xmas tree so it shouldn't have been too difficult. Anyway, by flying the numbers it all worked out fine. One landing was a bit flat (all were full flap approaches) but the rest went rather well and I was pleased with everything. Included below, I captured some video of the approaches to show what it feels like coming into land at night.

Brakes Off: 16:40(Z) Brakes On: 17:35(Z) Total: 0:55
Total Hours: 117:00

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