Sunday, 8 February 2015

08 February 2015 - Southend to Southend (VFR Kent)

I had a C152 booked first thing this morning over at Southend Flying Club so I was over there about 9AM and raring to go. 

After a short delay (I had to wait for the fuel bowser to come over) I was on my way at 9:40. Visibility was quite poor to be honest, no doubt caused by the prolonged period of very high pressure we'd had so I cut short my planned trip and took a diversion along the Thanet Coast for a bit before heading back to Southend. It was good to be up flying again. Wind back on R06 was 340/14 Kts so a nice crosswind to end the day on.

Brakes Off: 09:40 Brakes On: 10:40 Total: 1:00
Total Hours: 123:50

Some snaps along the way...

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