Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sunday 5th July and Wednesday 8th July 2015 - Aerobatics

Sunday 5th of July was a bit of a disappointment as the bad weather cut short my aerobatic lesson to only half an hour. It was pretty much ok until departure whereupon a wall of cloud and rain came thundering into view! We headed over to the Isle of Grain anyway and had just enough time for a loop, aileron roll and stall turn before deciding to head back to Rochester to be on the safe side. It was the first time I had made an approach and landing in rain so that was good practice in a way

However, Wednesday 8th of July I fared much better with the weather. There was still cloud and rain about, but the cloud base was kind and I managed to squeeze in 55 minutes. A summary video enclosed below.

05.07 - Brakes off 07:30(Z) Brakes On 08:00 (Z) Total: 0:30 [Aeros]
Total Time 136:10 

08.07 - Brakes off 15:20(Z) Brakes On 16:15 (Z) Total: 0:55 [Aeros]
Total Time 137:05 

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