Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016 IMC Refresher Training

Two refresher sessions recently, both at Southend Airport. First a GPS approach into Lydd on 28/02 and then today (13/03) a cross country IMC route.

Todays sortie was out from Southend to intercept 180 TO DET then 110 out FROM DET for 13 miles then right turn 190 TO LYD. 7 miles from LYD right turn 260 TO MAY and then 13 miles from MAY right turn 320 TO BIG. Got up to 7.4 DME from BIG and did a right turn 050 to run the DME arc. We were not allowed to do an ILS so came back to Southend. 1 hour 25 minutes flying with the vast majority flying IMC. A good mental workout! Session went well but I was very well prepared with the plan so it should have been ok to be honest,.

Elected to do some DME arcs next session and then maybe limited panel and a bad weather circuit after that. Have really enjoyed being back at Southend Flying Club for my IMC refresher training.

28.02.2016 - Brakes off 11:45(Z) Brakes On 13:10 (Z) Total: 1:25 IMC (1:15) Total Time 145:40

13.03.2016 - Brakes off 12:45(Z) Brakes On 14:10 (Z) Total: 1:25 IMC (1:15) Total Time 147:05

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