Tuesday, 24 May 2016

22 May 2016 - Rochester, Bewl, Lydd, Canterbury

Nice flight out from Rochester in a lovely C152 (G-GDIA). Departing R20 I headed off down to Bewl and then over to Lydd turning through their overhead up to Canterbury. Really nice smooth flight all the way around Kent with very little wind. Surface wind back into R20 was only 5 Kts variable.

I'm relieved with the improved performance of the headset which I had refurbished recently. Of course, time will tell if this was money well spent as I'm hoping the intermittent problems I had with it previously, do not return in a hurry!  On the subject of communication I also purchased and took along a back up transceiver (aircraft radio) given the issues I encountered on my last time. I'm pleased with my choice, the interface is easy to use and it will give me greater confidence in my future flying to know if the aircraft radio packs up I have a good fall back option.

22.05.2016 - Brakes off 09:35(Z) Brakes On 10:40(Z) Total: 1:05
Total Time 154:25

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