Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lesson 11: Circuits...

"Not a good day today Paul"... that was my after flight debrief from my instructor Mike. More circuits this afternoon on a warm hazy day. Conditions were OK to be honest. Wind from 190 Degrees at 8 knots. Different plane and a right hand circuit so technically, although the third lesson on circuits could (I'm not going to) argue each one has been different. Three different planes, two left hand circuits, one right hand and three different runways. Two flapless landings as well. All abit mixed up.

Apparently the main problem today was occuring with a drift inwards (to the rectangle) half way down the downwind leg which was causing the turn onto base a problem. That is to say not leaving much room to wash away the airspeed and prepare for the turn onto final.

The approach to land I felt much better about although even that came under a bit of criticism today as did the flare before landing. I felt ok with the landings (confident that means to be honest) so it's a bit confusing. I think the centre line needs to be nailed.

Re drift - In doing the circuits the turns I had in my head the numbers, which I was going to stick to, but before reaching these in a couple of instances took my lead to turn when told to do so.

I certainly didnt check the runway as much as I should do although I'm pretty sure I did a lot more than yesterday. As my aerodrome is an X airfield (four runways technically) if the runway changes mid-circuit that does add to the challenge.

OK right - all that aside, things to improve then

1. Take off run - ease pressure off on the front nose!
2. E_A_S_Y on the rudder!
3. Read up on these circuits and find out exactly how it should be done
4. This will include the model circuit, airpspeed and height.

I have a lesson booked for next weekend and I can't wait to give it another go. Flying (or in my case trying) is a wonderful buzz.

11.10-03-11 C152 G-CEFM EGTO EGTO 15:50 16:50 1:00 1-1 EX12/13

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