Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lesson 17: Guess what ..... Circuits!

A beautiful morning today saw me up at the airport, with all checks done and sitting in the aeroplane (G-BNIV) at 12:30. It was warm (21 Celsius), barometric pressure (qfe) 997 and quite humid following early morning rain. Wind was SSE initially straight down runway 16. Circuits are allowed on this runway, 20 and 34 at the weekend but I couldn't recall using 16 before, certainly not for circuits. By the end of the lesson the wind was 190 degrees so the final couple of circuits were on our old friend 20.

The lesson went well and my instructor said that there isn't much more he can do for me now. I should say, he meant this in the positive way ha ha. This means a bit more practice and then it's time for the solo circuit work.

In today's lesson it was quite windy and the approach into 16 did bring some wind sheer to some but I seemed to escape this. I also covered an abandoned take off, short field landing and a go around.

There was lots of activity at the airport on a beautiful day for flying.

17.07-05-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 12:40 13:30 1:00 1-1 EX12/13B-E(12E)

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