Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lesson 20: Circuits and More Solo Practice...

I woke up to an amazingly clear blue sky and just a very light wind from SSW. With the visibility so good, it was just perfect.

I had the first slot of the day which meant 8:00 for the aircraft checks and hopefully an 8:30 start.

I was really excited on my way to the airport. I think it's the most nervous part part of flying actually! The anticipation!!

When I walked out to the aircraft (G-BNIV) I was the first person on the airfield and it was gorgeous. There was hardly any wind and it was so warm.

Aircraft checks went well. I took a few snaps along the way included here in this post.

Today I really needed to kill the ghost of that landing number 2 from last week. Mike [my instructor] was great and when talking about landings for today was really encouraging about how I dealt with last weeks balloon. 

For me though I wanted to nail the approaches this week and not make the same mistake again (last week I was too high and too fast). I had been annoyed with myself until this Wednesday about that! It was a bit of a test today. I really had to get it all right.

So then, we were on runway 20. This is the one where your climb out is over the motorway and it can get a little choppy. This morning though the wind was so light that conditions were perfect and on the first takeoff this was all confirmed.

We went round the circuit twice. The first one was a standard circuit and then on the second one we did a glide descent from downwind.

 Following the second landing my instructor got out and asked me to do some touch and go circuits on my own. And so I did. I did 5, I think the third landing was a slight bounce but nowhere near as tooth rattling as last week. The last two I think were quite good. The wind was picking up slightly but by and large the conditions were exceptionally good. I think general circuit pattern felt OK and again the takeoffs were not an issue (although I am curious what the experience is like on a super smooth runway). It must feel great.

So then, my hour was made up of roughly 20 minutes with my instructor and 40 minutes solo. I loved the lesson, in absolutely beautiful weather. But... but but but..... what it was really all about today was sorting out the landing again. I got the approach speed and flare right this time and the landing was all the easier because of it. 
Lesson again next week? You betcha.... And I can't wait!

20.21-05-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 08:45 09:05 0:20 1-1 EX12/13 FL /Guide
20.21-05-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 09:05 09:45 0:40 5-5 EX12/13 SELF
01:20 SELF

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