Saturday, 28 May 2011

Flight Performance and Planning Exam

Yesterday I sat and passed my Flight Performance and Planning Exam which now makes 5 exams down and 2 to go.
The 2 to complete still are Navigation and Communication. I am really looking forward to Navigation as it will allow me to study at the same time as
actually doing the subject matter from a practical stand point. That is to say, as soon as I get through my training on Circuits (3-4 hours solo required) I should start to work towards the other parts of the PPL.

I got 100% for this test which was nice but in truth I should have sat the exam earlier as I did over revise somewhat. Perhaps that wasn't necessary. To be honest, the test is fairly straightforward and covers such things as take-off and landing distances, Centre of Gravity calculations and Pressure Altitude calculations. It sounds difficult but it's at school level Maths and provided you read the questions properly it shouldn't really catch you out.

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