Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lesson 21 Joining Circuits and More Solo Practice...

I was worried this morning as the weather forecast was not great. Showers and windy conditions were expected. So, when I woke up and saw it looking quite gloomy I was not expecting to fly. However, lady luck was smiling upon me because when I got up to Rochester Airport the weather there (elevation of about 435 feet) was slightly better.

The wind was building up but it was fine and it was straight down runway 20. I had a flight briefing with Mike my instructor on all the different types of circuit joins (which I must now read up on) and we went out for my lesson.

I was in G-BNIV again today. We did one normal circuit and then on the second climb out we did an emergency drill (instructor pulls throttle back and basically you have to go into a glide and say which field you are going for)!

On the recovery we then went downwind tight and did a glide decent - again a similar approach, don't panic, sort out the aircraft, get into a glide and aim for the threshold. When you know you are going to make it, decide on the use of flaps etc).

Following this we went out and did a mock radio failure overhead join when we were at 2000 ft QNH overhead loop back to the deadside and descend to 1000ft before joining the circuit at 1000ft over the end of the runway you will be leading on. In our case Runway 20 , right hand circuit.

Click this link to a CAA Safety Sense leaflet talking about various things including Circuit advice.

Diagram below courtesy of

After the landing Mike got out and I did 3 touch and gos. They were OK, not brilliant but no tooth rattlers! It was getting quite gusty. I think the last wind call was 21018 knots on final. This means wind is 18 knots from a 10 degree offset from the right [if using runway 20]. I was happy with the lesson to quit there. 35 minutes with Instruction and 30 minutes on my own. All in all I would call that a great day!

Lesson next week of course but some reading up on Circuits (joining patterns) and I better get my head down in that Navigation Book!

21.28-05-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 09:25 10:00 0:35 2-2 EX12/13 NROH join
21.28-05-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 10:00 10:30 0:30 3-3 EX12/13 SELF
01:50 SELF

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