Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lesson 28 : Plane not available - back in the circuit!

Nice day today but with a plane out of action from the fleet my nax ex was cancelled and I was back in the circuit in G-BNIV. I was on runway 20 (right hand circuit) and the wind was 270/8.

This means of course upon landing I was to have a slight crosswind and no headwind component. On the downwind leg I was obviously to be forced inwards reducing the circuit.

I did several circuits with my instructor but I was not very good. My general circuit handling was rusty. Downwind leg a couple of times my altitude needed addressing.

I didnt need reminding on the carb heat and the radio comms was fine, as was the take-off. Speed was generally there on landing. However, the general approach though I didn't nail (the feeling you get when its flying itself in balance).

In talking afterwards..I need to not rush it, and flare better. Wash the airspeed off earlier, and keep the nose up on landing. I was too flat.

The last landing was good according to my instructor which was a flapless landing. This followed a full flap landing which was not good. This was a clever move by my instructor because going from one extreme to the other was done so to make me appreciate the attitude better. Clever instructor.

Rudder on landing needed to be a little left. Was OK but I needed to keep it on a little longer as the wind was from the right although not strong.

One other observation was the landings just 'sounded' hard. There must be something with G-BNIV as it sounds hard. My instructor said its fine but also said as its just come back from its annual. With this, the tires are probably fully inflated which also makes a difference on a bumpy grass circuit.

Maybe flying is like Golf which is renowed for being frustrating. You know you are better than your performance. Apparently this is a well known cycle in the journey of learning to fly.

When all said and done... I was flying today which makes it a great day. Another lesson next week! I only wish it was tomorrow morning.

28.14-08-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 12:15 13:15 1:00 1-1 EX12/13

02:25 SELF

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