Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lesson 29 : Any chance of some Circuit training? :

After last weeks shock to the system doing circuits again and what was just a nightmare week at work, I was just gagging to get back into an aeroplane and forget everything. So much so in fact, that I even called my flying school at 5:30 on Friday evening asking them to call me the next day if there was to be any cancellations.

Sure enough my day was made when one of the instructors called up at 8:30 AM and said there was a cancellation. I just wanted to do some circuits again and practice landings and there was a slot!

So, I dropped the wife's car off for its MOT and headed up to Rochester Airport on a bus. Within 5 minutes of arriving I was out performing checks on G-BNIV again.

Weather was good, temperature about 20C, visibility fine and the wind was 210/8. Better than last week.

So chocks off 11:05 for a few circuits with my super instructor Mike. They all went well and the landings were good so he decided to jump out and let me carry on.

First one was a bit of a slammer, and then the second one wasnt much better. Typical - I had just pulled off three really good ones and now with the lighter plane I was a muppet. I did a couple more landings (where I was porpoising) and so decided to take off straight away calling a go around (I had never done a solo go around so good experience).

Apparently, I could have got a way with them (my instructor informed me afterwards) but I was more comfortable in throttling forward and trying again. A while back I had a bad landing and so now I think I'm not shy in throttling in and trying again.

After two cancelled porpoises, I landed on the third one after about 35 minutes solo.

I felt good because being back in the circuit again was a really nice change and challenge. I never thought I would say that, but I needed it, and it was good for that. Going round the circuit was comfortable, as was the RT. My ALT control was better than last week and the speed coming in 'over the hedge'  (that's the threshold) was good. The trim control was also better. I think last week was probably non existent! I guess the only thing then was the solo landings. They could have been much better!

Keep learning, keep improving, keep practicing. Its all great experience and I absolutely love it.

I do have still my original lesson booked for tomorrow. This is meant to be my second cross country navigation. This I think should be down to Hastings Pier, back to Ashford and then return to Rochester.

Hopefully the weather will be good, we shall see though. I'm very excited of course but I wont be too upset if it doesnt happen because I had a lovely Avaiation fix this morning.

29.20-08-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 11:05 11:30 0:25 1-1 EX12/13
29.20-08-11 C152 G-BNIV EGTO EGTO 11:30 12:05 0:35 6-6 EX12/13 SELF

Total Log Book Time

03:00 SELF

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