Thursday, 20 September 2012

Book Review - Fate Is The Hunter - Ernest Gann

I read this book back in April 2012. I found this enjoyable and I  have to say that Ernest Gann writes incredibly well. The book describes his journey through over a 1000 hours as pilot in  command. For me the favourite parts of the book describe his near disasters, and how close he came to the fatal end. The story end will probably strike a chord with many who have devoted their life to one thing. It is a good book, well written but it did not leave me with the same feeling of awe as the adventures of Cecil Lewis in Sagitarius Rising. Perhaps that is unfair since what could compete with such a dramatic backdrop as WWI.

My Rating: (7.0/10)

Comment: Well written, and a very clever and thought provoking title. There is a section that describes Fear v Panic. I also liked the observation that man dreams about a quiet life in a mountain log cabin .. no doubt seeking to escape fates partnership. How true.

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