Thursday, 20 September 2012

Book Review - Spitfire Manual - Edited by Dilip Sarkar

I read this book in Oct 2011. What an interesting book! This is full of sorts of odds and sods. It's got everything, to name a few things, it has labelled cockpit layouts, Fighting Tactics, Tests for trainee fighter pilots, Pilot "Forget Me Not" leaflets, Forms and various instructions on keeping a logbook and running the engine correctly. I loved the section where it describes all the controls. At the front of the book there is a section that introduces the Spitfire. I would certainly recommend this book to anybody interested in this iconic aeroplane. Good job by the editor to asssemble all these artefacts in a lively and interesting format. I also liked the 'build quality' of the book itself (270+ pages held together with a good spine, and nice paper feel). This is published by Amberley Publishing Ltd.  

My Rating: (7.5/10)

Comment: Buy! Go on .. treat yourself to a unique collection of artefacts!

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