Thursday, 20 September 2012

X-Plane Remote / iPhone Joystick

I decided to experiment with x-plane 10 and run it from a laptop connected up to my HD T.V. I connected the iPad EFIS app up on the wireless network so that covered the basic instruments. I then purchased the x-plane remote app (£2.99) from the iTunes store and ran this on my iPhone. This meant that with x-plane running in full screen scenery mode and the EFIS running on the iPad I could literally use my iPhone just as a wireless joystick. 

It took a couple of failed take-offs (ooops) but once I got the hang of it was great fun. If you want to see how to set this up please refer to the manual. I didn't of course and was wondering my I couldn't set my Nav Aids up on the master copy of X-Plane. It was only when I read the manual the next day that I realised they were set from the x-plane remote app BUT to do that, you had to swipe down in order to see them! Doh. 

I would recommend this setup for x-plane, its fun and very easy to setup!

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