Friday, 21 September 2012

Serengeti Drivers

I've had my Serengeti Drivers since about March 2011 which at the time of writing is 18 months and they are truly great glasses. The lenses are very good and I'm pleased with my selecting them. However, there is one very annoying aspect though of these which is the thin wire frames holding the lenses in their places. Of course what happens over time is they move around and flex and the (reasonably expensive) lenses drop out!! OK you think, just re-tighten the screw and that would be resolved? Wrong.. the screw is so tiny and you have to have a very special screwdriver to do this. This is quite annoying because you pay good money and the least the manufacturers could do would fit a sensible screw size so people could do this easily. Its a shame really as apart from this the performance of the lens is very satisfying. 

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