Monday, 1 October 2012

Mock Skills Test Cancelled

Second time the weather has let me down on my mock skills test. I have a feeling of deja-vu. My Qualifying Cross Country took a long time because of the multiple cancellations. Oh well, I have rebooked for Thursday at 2PM!

As an x-plane simulator fan I momentarily lapsed my loyalty the other day and ordered a copy of Microsoft Flight Sim FX. I kid you not, moments later, while in X-Plane practising some straight in landings to Elstree (dont ask why as I have no idea) my hard disk crashed and is beyond repair!!!!

Justice ?? Karma ?? X-Plane Jealousy ?? Who knows? Anyway - I have ordered a new Hard Disk and worse still I have had to purchase Recovery Disks at £35 from HP. This is because I had previously been relying on the recovery partition  ........ in the same built in 500Mb Hard Drive that crashed. 

Before you ask "Why didn't you create recovery disks when you first bought the machine?" I would say .... "Don't ask me why i didn't create my own recovery disks when I first bought the machine!!".

Anyway - no flying today thats the biggest downer!!!

Fingers crossed for Thursday!

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