Sunday, 9 June 2013

28 Day Check Ride - Circuits

With the cloud base down to 1500ft this afternoon I was back in the circuit in G-BNKV for a check ride with Stuart. Rochester Airport was operating from runway 02 and what with the gusty conditions the approach into land was quite choppy to say the least! Basically the 02 approach has a ridge to negotiate which you need to clear at 500ft but then you need to descend over the trees over Buckmore park and then cross the motorway before reaching the runway threshold. Over the trees you can get thrown about and get ballooned up as I did today, and then when you clear the trees you hit the M2 and can receive quite a sink (as I did today). All went well considering the conditions though. 

I did five circuits in total, two standard 2 stage flag configurations followed by a full flap and then a flap less and then I finished off the session with a glide approach. I remarked to Stuart I was glad I was not a student learning circuits on a day like today!

Anyway it was so great to be back in the seat of an aeroplane again. I have to say, Rochester was looking lovely with its recently cut grass.

09/06/13 C152 G-BNKV EGTO EGTO 13:50 14:30 0:40 5-5 FL, FF, Glide Approach

HOURS = 46:35 DUAL + 16:30 PILOT IN COMMAND [P1]

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