Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hired Aeroplane and my First Passenger!

A great fathers day, not only did I spend a lovely afternoon with my family, but in the morning I hired my first aeroplane as a Private Pilot and also took my first passenger up for a trip around Kent. It felt amazing to do this and I feel very fortunate I have had the opportunity to learn to fly.

So today's milestone? Well, nothing too adventurous I might add but a C-152 (G-BNKV) from Rochester. Essentially I went from Rochester to Bewl Reservoir, to Rye in Sussex and over to Canterbury before heading back to Rochester. It took about an hour and the weather was good. Nothing like the gusts of yesterday which were quite challenging I'm told. One person in the circuit said they dropped 300 ft at Rochester. Cloud base this morning was about 2,500 ft down towards Rye but quite higher everywhere else.

The circuit of Kent was lovely, undeniably it is a beautiful part of the world from the air. My passenger (Pete) took some pictures which I hope he emails me this week so I can add them to my blog. Today I used a manual pilots log to chart my course but I also took an iPad and had the same course loaded in SkyDemon. I have to say it's very reassuring to look down at the iPad for a second opinion to see you are right on track. Yesterday, I ordered an iPad knee board accessory which should be interesting. Hopefully it arrives before next weekend. Next weekend I'm a passenger. Pete wants to do Shoreham, Rochester and Headcorn!

Today was a just fantastic day. I couldn't ask for anything more.

16/06/13 C152 G-BNKV EGTO EGTO 10:00 11:00 1:00 1-1

HOURS = 46:35 DUAL + 17:30 PILOT IN COMMAND [P1]

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