Monday, 24 June 2013

A Sunday afternoon's jolly (Headcorn, Shoreham, Rochester)

Sunday was quite gusty and overcast but I managed to get up in the air albeit as a passenger in a Robin with my friend. It was a bit of dash around actually. Headcorn to Shoreham, Shoreham to Rochester and then Rochester back to Headcorn.

Getting Ready to depart Headcorn
Coming down from Headcorn into Shoreham we were given a straight in approach for Runway 25. The wind was right down the runway at 22 Knots! 

Approaching Shoreham (Straight In Runway 25)

Departing Shoreham (Left Turn from Runway 25)

Departing Shoreham (Left Turn from Runway 25)

Coming back to Rochester we landed in a crosswind on Runway 20, stopping briefly to pay the landing fee of £12 (which is very inexpensive compared to many places). 

Overhead Rochester (Crosswind Runway 20)
Rochester (Right Base Runway 20)

Few aircraft were out and about yesterday no doubt put off by the weather.

It was my first trip into Shoreham and I loved the feel of the place. Hopefully I will pop back there over the summer.

I took a few snaps from the right hand seat as you can see. Although the weather wasn't the best it was still really good to be out and about enjoying the joys of a light aircraft!

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