Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Aviation Museum Krakow Poland

Forgot to mention on a recent trip to Krakow I took some time out and went to see the aviation museum there. Glad I did, what a place! There are so many aircraft parked around the place and its unique that you have the opportunity to go and stand right up next to these beasts. The day I went with the family it was a public holiday and free entry as well! Happy days! There was loads of people milling about, they had a fairground and a massive BBQ going on. I think entry normally is 14 PLN which is about .... £3! 

If you go to the city (highly recommended as well I might add) it is just a short taxi ride away (5 minutes) and well worth a visit. The official website is here. Check out the collection page. That is a lot of aircraft!

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