Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Trip down to Manston - Sunday 30 June 2013

A great day Sunday. I flew an airplane. And I loved  it. What more could I ask for.

Just arrived at Manston
I had always fancied flying down to Manston in the South East corner of Kent, and so on Sunday I headed down there to check it out. In the right hand seat was a friend from my flying school. Like me he has recently earned his PPL but he works there as well. He is a great guy and he is no doubt destined for a career flying airplanes. Good for him I say! Do it!

Weather was great I have to say, I mean it was summer weather (27 Celsius), with a moderate westerly wind. Thermals weren't really active so it was all a bit sedate really. It was a lovely day for flying. And of course going quite early in the day meant there was hardly anything else around the skies. It was really quiet.

Manston has a 2.7KM runway. It's massive. I mean, really, really massive. Whats more, its 61M wide! It's ridiculously big. I think this contributed to the  fact I landed my chariot (a new C152 they have at the club G-BMCN) a little 'flat'. On reflection of this fact later in the day I was not happy with myself and so next time I will be better prepared. Flaring before the landing was a whole different perspective with such a wide runway but I should have adjusted better. Maybe the crosswind was preoccupying me. I don't know. 

Anyway all went well coming back to Rochester, note to self experienced a bit of nosewheel shimmy just prior to take off at Manston which next time perhaps I'll catch a little earlier. My friend Ashley did the radio calls and so it was quite relaxing really. 

Forgot to mention, the landing fee at Manston is £19.50. Brakes On/Off 40 Mins each way.

HOURS = 46:35 DUAL + 18:10 PILOT IN COMMAND [P1]
HOURS = 46:35 DUAL + 18:50 PILOT IN COMMAND [P1]
Total Time = 65:25

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