Thursday, 27 June 2013

Book Review: The Last Torpedo Flyers

For me this is up there with Sagittarius Rising. What a story. This is a true story about a Bristol Beaufort pilot in the second world war, his name Arthur Aldridge. It chronicles his time flying into the face of extreme danger, losing his friends and somehow coming out of it all - in tact, body and mind. You can't help but feel sad at the end, as you realise the world will never witness stories nor see men like this again. The sacrifice people made during these times are just so alien to the lives we live today. And yet today we all still moan about our lives. These guys were resigned to their death. They faced it every day. 1 in 3 aircraft never came back from their attacks on German naval targets. Arthur was awarded the DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross) for his attack on the SS Madrid. His story of when he was in Malta really portrays how desperate the situation was and the strength and courage of all those on that under siege island. For me the remarkable thing was there is a kind of closing epilogue by Arthur himself dated March 2013. A kind of message for the current younger generation. I think Arthur Aldridge and his fellow crew were amazing. I don't think I could ever find words that could do justice to how much we truly owe them, nor the awe in which I hold them all. My verdict? Simple.... go buy this book tomorrow, and immerse yourself into a truly remarkable and thought provoking story. 

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