Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Tiger Club - a line of Turbulents and love at first sight

When I was down at the Tiger Club on Sunday they had a fly out and how wonderful it was to be around all the excited club members getting the planes ready for their day trip. Of course the Tiger Club is well known for its Turbulent Display Team and I was in for a treat when they had them all lined up for the days activities. Naturally, I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of these enigmatic machines... However there in the midst of all this was a complete stunner a Stampe SV4. She captured my heart the moment my eyes met her. It was the first time I had encountered one properly, sparkly clean, majestic in the early morning sunlight ... just look how beautiful she is. Some more pictures of her can be found at at the link here.

The cockpit of a Turbulent

Ready for inspection ...

Love at first sight - what a stunner!
I called the club the day before yesterday and the Supercub (G-LCUB) is having a new engine installed on Thursday (nothing to do with how I treated it I hasten to add) and if all goes to plan I'm all set for another orientation with her on Sunday morning, weather permitting of course. I'll call Friday to make sure everything is fine. Can't wait!!!

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