Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tiger Club - Tailwheel Course, Supercub Session 2 - Rye, Ashford, Folkestone

Last Sunday (11th August, 2013) I had my second jolly in the Tiger Clubs PA18-95 Supercub. It had just received its new engine so there was to be no circuits. This  would have unduly stressed the engine with the variations of throttle setting required for take-off, climb out, circuit and descent etc.

It didn’t matter because off we headed for some general handling. Taking off from 28 we headed south down to Rye then via Ashford over to Folkestone. During the flight it was just a case of getting the feel for her again. For me the biggest difference is the attitude, which appears distinctly, nose down compared to the Cessna 152.

Take off and landing were OK but it will be a couple more times before I would feel completely comfortable with things. Taxying was less alien I have to say. The throttle appeared to stick (not quite close) on approach which was spotted by my esteemed colleague in the back. Nothing too drama filled but the extra rpm may have caused a prolonged float.

I’ll round off by saying I was honoured to have met and received excellent tuition on the day from a super guy and most knowledgeable gentleman and aviator Robb Metcalfe. He is a professional aviator, ex-RAF (Jet Provosts, Canberras) with experience as long as your arm, ...leg and foot all placed end to end. How lucky was I to benefit from all that experience. How lucky am I to even have this opportunity to fly. It brings me so much.

This Sunday I am back at Rochester as I have promised a family member I would take them flying. Hopefully the weather is good, we shall see. 

Brakes Off: 11:10 Brakes On: 12:15

HOURS = 51:15 DUAL + 21:00 PIC [P1] Total Time = 72:15

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