Wednesday, 29 January 2014

IMC Written Exam Passed January 25th 2014

Last Sunday was always going to be a washout in terms of the weather (believe it or not it still rains non-stop in this country like there is no tomorrow). Therefore, for a pre-emptive salvage of the weekend in terms of an aviation fix I took the opportunity to sit the written exam on the Saturday (25/01). Get this exam out the way was the thinking, and I can then really enjoy the practical training. 

The exam went ok and I got 92% failing on 2 of the 25 questions. I was surprised that the ones I got wrong were amongst the easiest in the whole paper. It just goes to show you how easy it is to get things wrong when relaxed. 1 question required simply my reading correctly a CAA 500K map to quote the levels of controlled airspace and the other question meant saying which side of a VOR radial I was. Apparently I could do neither. I was a complete donkey.

Anyway, lesson learned!! Pay attention otherwise you will make mistakes. Luckily this was in in the safety of an exam room. The rest of the exam went well, even the laborious plotting of a Pilots log.

So then, this Sunday the weather looks good. Butterflies are stirring already. I hope the ILS circuits go OK and I don't choke it, and I hope my take off and landings are good and I hope my RT is good... ad infinitum. I don't want to let myself or my instructor down.

Cant wait!

P.S I really enjoyed the studying on the IMC theory. The book I used was Air Pilot's Manual 5 titled Radio Navigation & Instrument Flying. Published by POOLEY's Air Pilot Publishing Ltd (see picture) I would certainly recommend the book. There are some test questions in the back as well. It is really well written in my opinion.

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