Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Saturday June 6, 2015 - Basic Aerobatic Rating

Session 3 was on Saturday and it was great fun. Following a briefing we headed out to do some inside loops ('loop the loops') and aileron rolls in the schools C152 aerobat G-FLIP. Session lasted about 55 minutes and the weather was good. Warm up was via a few wing overs manoeuvres.

Interestingly, my instructor demonstrated how it was possible for me to do an inside loop with an entry speed of only 85 Kts, which is below a typical cruise speed! The point was to not encourage it of course (it's not pretty) but give some assurance in that slight deviations from the recommended 120 Kts shouldn't cause too many issues.

As expected, the rolls differed in success so more work required there. We stuck to left hand rolls and I believe the next session will introduce right hand ones as well. 

Can't wait!

Brakes off 08:00 Brakes On 08:55 Total: 0:55
Total Time 133:30

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