Saturday, 20 February 2016

14 February 2016 - IMC Revision LOC/DME Approaches at Southend Airport

More IMC Revision at Southend Airport. I didn't have a decent place to hang the camera this week so just the take off and landing was all I could realistically capture for my diary. I did three non precision (LOC/DME) approaches on runway 05. This was a fair mental workout. Wind was ok at 2000 ft but a decent strength at 30 - 35 Kts so my ground speed was only 40 Kts coming down the approach. Wind was NE at the top but only N-NNE at about 1000ft. Reference heading was about 40-45 degrees. Approach 1 and 3 were good. 2 was going really well until 2.5nm out when my preoccupation with my altitude, VSI and waiting to make a radio call made me full scale the localiser. Although corrected quickly it's a go-around situation so thats what I did. Lessoned learned. A good flying session. I really do like flying on instruments. 

14.02.2016 - Brakes off 09:20(Z) Brakes On 10:35 (Z) Total: 1:15 IMC (1:05) Total Time 144:15

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